Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting,,, and/or, which for the purposes herein are collectively and individually hereafter referred to as “the Website”.  You reached this page regarding our “Privacy Policy” from one of them.


We understand that like many other users of the Website  it is possible and entirely reasonable that you also may have some concerns over the use of any personal information you may submit to us in the process of doing business with us.

It is our hope that our Privacy Policy information as we have fully disclosed it here will alleviate any such concerns you or your company and business associates may have about how we gather and use that information, including our compliance with the Can-Spam Act, particularly as that relates to our policies regarding the use of email to communicate with you.

You may rest assured that we and all of our partners, affiliates, associates and any sponsors who may use a website and request your email and other information do so only via an opt-in or opt-out method of obtaining customer information. It is not our policy or desire to send unsolicited email. Moreover, we obtain email addresses and personal information from third parties that follow these same policies. Any and all emails we send will always include information about the origin of the emails and clear instructions on how recipients can unsubscribe from receiving future email messages.

Please be aware that this “Privacy Policy” is subject to changes and updates at any time. If and when that happens it will be accomplished, with or without  notice, by posting updates to this online page.

Patrick Dague, his business associates and affiliates recognize the importance people using online internet resources such as the Website place on their privacy, and we fully respect your rights regarding this. For that reason our Privacy Policy may be a bit more extensive than usual, as we discuss, disclose and describe on this webpage how we use any personal information you might give to us via the Website or via any other format such as print, email or information you may transmit to us in any other way.

This Privacy Policy is relevant to, and related to, the Website and particularly to it’s operation including the information and services, both free and paid, provided to you and other consumers by us.

You are encouraged to read and understand the information presented here before using the Website and before submitting any personal information.

“You" or "Your” as used herein means you as a participant in or as a user of the Website. “We”, “Our” or “Us” means the Website, Patrick Dague, FlowingBusiness, Inc.,  and all affiliates, associates, sponsors and team members of those named entities.

When using the Website you are advised that the information you transmit to us via any kind of media, including online, printed or in any other fashion that is (i) sent via the Website, or (ii) sent with the intention that it be included on the Website, or (iii) which is related in any reasonable way to the Website, such as an emailed update sent to our admin or support staff  shall in each of those cases be deemed to be, and in fact becomes at the time of it’s receipt, and then is, our property. As a result thereof we are free to then use it for any lawful purpose, as further discussed and disclosed herein.

The Website may presently or later have links to other online resources and websites. You are expressly advised, however, that we disclaim any responsibility for the privacy practices or the content of any other websites or online resources which may be linked, connected with, related to or referred to by us.

With respect to law enforcement and government officials, we reserve the right to release information we have received or lawfully obtained, if ever asked to do so, to the aforesaid officials and to do so as we, in our sole and absolute discretion, may then deem necessary so that we remain in compliance with the law.


Part A:  Unsubscribe and Opt-Out Rights and Methods
Of course the easiest way to “Opt-Out” with regard to not getting communications such as those discussed above from us and/or our partners, associates and affiliates is simply by not submitting your information. However should you submit your information to us via a webform, e-mail or any other media format and then desire to be removed from our marketing lists you may “Opt-Out” simply by clicking the *“Unsubscribe link” which we will typically always include when in communication with you. To remove yourself and your information from our marketing lists simply click on the *Unsubscribe link at the bottom of virtually every email we send you.

*Please note that in rare cases we may also communicate with you, and you agree we may do so without creating a liability of any kind whatsoever to us, via a webmail format such as Outlook or Gmail which will not include an Unsubscribe link.  If we communicate with you via a webmail format it will most likely be (but may not always be) due to technical difficulties of some sort resulting in Website team member then using a webmail account as a result of a desire to provide the best possible service. In such event can still easily “Opt-Out”, however. To do so simply reply with the words “Opt-Out” in the subject line. That will indicate to us that you wish to get no further communications from us and we will then manually remove your information from our computers at our earliest convenience.

You can also opt-out by sending a written request to us at this address:

Admin / Marketing Control.
P.O. Box 737
Middletown, CA 95461

Once you have unsubscribed or opted-out to remove your information from our marketing lists your personal information will no longer be used by us to send promotional or marketing communications to you.

Part B:  Types of Information We Collect and Use
We now or may in future automatically collect and/or track the following:
(i) information you provide via on-line forms, including registration forms, surveys, email, and/or other entries, such as email addresses, personal, financial or demographic information; and

(ii) technical information related to providing better services to Website visitors, such as the kind of online device you used to access the Website, IP address, the names and / or locations of servers used in connecting with the Website, web browser used, and without limitation other such information that is in compliance with law and which in our sole opinion may reasonably assist us in our efforts to provide good products and services to the users of the Website; and

(iii) information related to user specific or user-aggregate use of the Website, including what pages our visitors access; and the  e-mail addresses of visitors that communicate  with us via e-mail.

Part C:  How We Use Information & Data Gathered
As noted above, we use the  information we receive and collect, including certain types of  personal, demographic and profile data reasonably related to the products and services offered and provided via the Website, to improve the experience that you and other end-users have when visiting the Website. One of those uses may from time to time include informing you about information, content, products and/or services that we or an associate or affiliate has available and which we believe may be of interest to you.

From time to time we may also use any personal, demographic and/or profile data we gather from you and others to improve the overall operation of the Website. That may include, without limitation, using it to help us with our marketing efforts and related purposes. Moreover, as a result of what we learn by review and analysis of that information we may at times contact you and/or others via email and potentially via other websites such as Facebook. We also use the information to help us provide feedback to any of the affiliates, associates or advertisers we may work with at times.

The information be gather and keep and will be kept in private and protected databases for current and possible future use. The uses of such information may include, without limitation, e-mail marketing, display ads, marketing via regular mail using the postal services, telemarketing and SMS text-messaging. Such marketing and promotional uses will most typically, but may not always, concern existing and new products and/or services, upcoming seminars, webcasts and other events, as well as the current status of orders placed online or via email, particularly if they are not immediately delivered to you by us for any reason.

By using the Website you agree to the uses of the information collected, as described and disclosed hereinabove, and specifically agree that we may contact you or provide information to you via any phone or text number you may voluntarily provide to us, even if your number is found on a do not call registry, an in-house or purchased list, or any similar registry. Should you later inform us of a desire not to be contacted via a particular phone number we will, without in any way waiving the uses of information you have herein agreed to and without creating liability for us in any way whatsoever, including no liability to us whatsoever for inadvertent non-compliance should that happen,  make efforts that are, in our sole discretion, both reasonable and responsive to such a request.

 Part D:  Information We May Disclose to Third Party Entities
In keeping with the discussions and disclosures herein, we may from time to time share information and data collected via the Website and other means referenced with third party entities that we, in our sole discretion believe is reasonable after pre-screening of that third-party entity is completed as may be reasonably necessary and prudent in our sole discretion and to our satisfaction. In this regard we reserve the right to share, rent, sell, or otherwise disclose data we collect to such third party entities that we have determined are reputable, and will share, sell or disclose such personal data for marketing products and services that we, in our sole judgment and businesses discretion, believe you may consider to be helpful or otherwise of interest.

Part E:  Information Submitted by Children
The Website is not intended for use by people under 18 years of age and we will not at any time knowingly collect data from children. The information and services provided by us via the Website or other means, and/or by our affiliates, associates, partners, sponsors, and any advertisers we may now or in future deal with are not intended to be viewed by children. Should we discover we have collected any information from a child we will immediately delete it and not communicate, or then immediately and without notice stop communicating, with that young person. In addition, no information delivered to us by a child or children will ever knowingly be used by us for any kind or type marketing or for any promotional purposes. That includes communications via the Website and via any and other communication formats we may use from time to time.

Part F:  The Right to Contact You Regarding Accounts and Agreements
The foregoing notwithstanding, we reserve the right to contact you as we believe may be reasonably necessary in certain situations, even after you have unsubscribed or opted-out. Such situations may include confirming it was really you who sent us an opt-out email or letter, a request to pay a balance due on an open account, changes to your account status, whether done by you or by us, changes to your subscriber agreement with us, any issues regarding or related to this privacy policy, or any other policies or agreements relevant to you.

Part G:  Changes and Our Right to Make and Implement Them
We expressly reserve the right to make and simultaneously implement changes at any time and for any reason to this policy by any of the following methods: (a) posting a change here, or (b) notifying you via mail or e-mail of a change, or (c) posting a change on the Home Page of the Website.

Part H:  Contacting Us
Should you or any adviser of yours have any questions about this privacy policy statement or about the operations of the Website or questions or concerns about how you are interacting with it or issues with regard to any such interactions please contact us via letter sent to the above referenced address, or via the “Contact Us” form on the Website.

Part I:  Our Can-Spam Act Compliance as it Relates to You
This web site is dedicated to ensuring compliance with the Can-Spam Act passed in 2003 that took effect on January 1, 2004. With respect to that here are some example situations, but an exclusive list, that may result in you may receiving email from the Website or from a team member working directly for us as our representative:

  • Acknowledging and responding to a communication from you.
  • Responding to any request for free or paid content or information
  • Responding to any application or survey you may submit.
  • Responding to any request you may make of us for additional action
  • A request from us for additional information to better support you with services or products we are providing to you at your request.
  • Otherwise assisting you regarding the status of your transnational requests
  • Thanking you for the much valued business you have given to us or referred to us
  • General communications concerning any of our products or services that you appear to have an interest in as a result of opting-in , including promotions and advertisements.
  • Notices to you regarding any changes in services, products and service or product availability
  • Advertisements for third party products and services where we have reasonably determined that such product or service may be of interest

To help us in our efforts to comply with the Can-Spam Act we have implemented the following guidelines for email delivery:

  • Emails we send to you  will clearly identify that we sent them and will typically include the name of the company founder, Patrick Dague, as the sender, although not always as the name of actual sender will change from time to time.  Nonetheless all emails from us will reference the Website.
  • Any email from us will include the ability to unsubscribe from future email messages included right in the email, or in the rare case that a webmail media format might be used, will include clear and brief op-out instructions.
  • Unsubscribing will ensure that you, a valued contact and a person whose privacy we fully respect, are removed from ALL lists at the Website, excluding however any customer service emails regarding the processing, payment if applicable, and status of a current product you have received from us.
  • All emails we send directly to you from or via the Website, or from any of our team members, will include a valid post office “regular mail” address in the footer
  • We will and will continue to require that any third party associates, affiliates and/or marketing partners comply with the Can-Spam Act.
  • In addition to all of the above emails sent to you directly by the Website or a team member will always include an email address and physical address that can reliably be used for you to send suggestions to us as well as any complaints that may arise, and of course all other kinds correspondence as well.

Part J:  Our U.S. Postal Service Address, Email Address and Other Matters
From time to time we may enter into an arrangement with a third party website to allow individuals to opt into our marketing program on those third party websites. In each such case those third party websites will have represented and warranted to us, and we will have reasonably confirmed in ways that we deem appropriate in our sole discretion, among other things, that

  1. any personal information they may get and transmit to us was collected from individuals and entities who supplied it voluntarily and knowingly,
  2. the third-party websites have the right, under any their own privacy policy statements, to transfer such personal data and information to us, and
  3. the third-party website had and has at the time we receive any such personal information from io the right to make and send marketing offers to the individuals or entities that received them.

In closing we wish to express again our desire to satisfy and resolve any questions or concerns you may have regarding our Privacy Policy and most particularly our email practices as they relate in any way to the Website. If you have additional questions or wish to discuss this matter further, please contact us at: Admin @ Investors For My Business . Com (no spaces) or write to us at:

FlowingBusiness, Inc.
Attn: Patrick Dague, Founder and CEO
P.O. Box 737
Middletown, CA  95461


Thank you.

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